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Contract research trial

Photo of contract trial field workersPeracto is an independent research agency, which aims to assist clients by providing answers to their 'research questions'. 

Formerly known as Serve-Ag Research, Peracto has been conducting trials for over 25 years in Australia.




Peracto offers contract research services such as:

  • Product screening and evaluation - conventional fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, biological and organic products.
  • Product development management.
  • Collection of product efficacy, crop tolerance and residue data.
  • Crop variety evaluations.
  • Improved agricultural management systems for specific crop situations.
  • Environmental weed management - identifying solutions.
  • Crop disease problem solving.
  • Improved irrigation management.
  • Environmental monitoring.

Peracto has collaborative links with various national research institutions and analytical laboratories. We are able to draw upon a broad base of expertise in agriculture and environmental management to assist clients in answering their 'research questions'.

We work with clients to develop research protocols that fit their requirements, and aim to deliver quality, timely research outcomes. Confidentiality is maintained according to client requests and our researchers work within the requirements of any confidentiality agreements.

Graduate Program

Peracto offers an outstanding career development program for graduates of Agricultural Science or related disciplines.

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