Regulatory Affairs

Spraying a small plot trial

Photo of small plot sprayingThe regulatory affairs service helps clients register or extend their products. Peracto has considerable experience in the conduct of efficacy, residue and crop safety trials for companies requiring data for registration submissions. Peracto has the skills and resources to work closely with the authorities, developing successful submissions to the APVMA or the New Zealand authorities, ERMA and ACVM. The industry is changing, with leading edge technology and innovation being key components of new products. This calls for unusual regulatory skills alongside the traditional:


  • Innovative, regulatory and novel technology strategies
  • Product registration with the APVMA, ERMA and ACVM
  • Listing on AICS with NICNAS
  • Obligations under ACCC
  • Label extensions and formulation changes
  • Minor-use permits
  • Compliant marketing material
  • Literature reviews and technical writing

Peracto can help its clients win on cost and efficiency by managing the entire project, from development of the trial program to registration.



Graduate Program

Peracto offers an outstanding career development program for graduates of Agricultural Science or related disciplines.

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